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Hitesh Chauhan

Hi Folks,

I am Hitesh Chauhan, a IT as professional skills. my graduation completed from Mumbai University.currently pursuing MBA from wellingker institute of management.(second year).It was my dream to create my dedication to my personal skills, where I can share my life, my hobbies and my talents. It is true that many online portfolio are available even a social networking site like Facebook, Google Plus or Yahoo, and much more. But here my Identity is merged with these service provider which is not accepting for me as a MYSELF – a identity and uniqueness is merged and missing……..Even I like to playing cricket,listening to music,movies,sometimes shayari and and also good actor which I love to do.

I am Hitesh. Or rather call me Hitesh(ji). Because, this is the way, we call each other and speak with each other in this new world. This is the first time in my life, I am serious about something. And I know this something is going to be everything for me in my life. This something is really very very important to me. And such important things are needed to be documented and shared with somebody. That’s why I am creating my website. Whatever I am going to do now, is really gonna affect my future, rather i say its gonna turn_up my future. So I am very very serious this time…………………..

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