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How To Check A Battery Status On Laptop

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How To Check A Battery Status On Laptop.

Most of the new laptop is getting battery backup is if in case 3 cell battery so you getting 3 will you sure your laptop getting 3 hours battery i had just figure out of the battery status/battery backup/battery much will getting battery after 100% full charge of laptop.

How To Use Command For Battery report generate.I am so excited for showing the battery reports Requirement 1.laptop Go to command prompt. and type this command:-POWERCFG/BATTERYREPORT

AFTER ENTER THE COMMAND YOU WILL BE SEE REPORT SAVED BY DEFAULT FILE PATH:C:\Users\Hitesh Chauhan\battery-report.html.This is by default battery log saved file and you will see exactly battery report.

This Is the Video how to check the battery status

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